U.P Alumni Quesada-Fulgado and Friends Scholarship Grant


Unless otherwise specified herein, the applicant must be a regular student of the University of the Philippines who is of minimum third (3rd) year undergraduate program standing.

The applicant must have earned a General Weighted Average grade of "2.00" on minimum in all subjects taken.

The applicant must not have been given a grade lower than 3.00 ("pass") or before the awarding of the Grant, have a grade of incomplete.

The applicant must comply with the rules of the University and his/her college on academic performance (e.g minimum academic load per semester).

The applicant must be financially needy (i.e., parents' or guardians' annual gross income is not more than Philippine Pesos: Two Hundred Fifty Thousand, or Php 250,000 based on their income tax returns, or the applicant belongs to not better than Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance or STFAP, bracket D).

The applicant must not have been subjected to disciplinary action by the University or his/her college.

The applicant must be of good moral character and not have been convicted of a crime.


The awardee must not be concurrently a recipient of any other scholarship grant(s) or assistance that provides benefits exceeding the combined equivalent of Philippine Pesos: Five Thousand (PHP 5,000) per month.

The awardee must not be employed in any manner and/or earning more than the combined equivalent of Philippine Pesos: Fifteen Thousand (PHP 15,000) per month.

The awardee shall finish his/her study program within the duration prescribed by his/her college.

The grant is renewable every semester provided the awardee satisfies the application qualifications and terms stated above, and the awardee does not change study program or go on leave of absence. A disrupt of the awarding of the grant shall place the previous awardee on the same footing as a new applicant.


The grant shall provide the following benefits each semester

Matriculation fees, as assesed up to - Php 6,000
Book Allowance - 1,500
Monthly Stipend (Php 3,000 x 5 months) - 15,000
Transportation and others (Php 500 x 5 months) - 2,500
Total Php 25,000

Deadline of Application - March 6, 2014