UT Foundation, Inc. Scholarship


1. Must be among the top graduate high school students with leadership potential as per certified extra-curricular activities;

2. Must have been admitted to the University, subject to the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT);

3. Must be a regular freshman student enrolled in a 4-year degree course or sophomore in standing if enrolled in a 5-year degree course in the University; Student enrolled in Doctor of Medicine must be 4th Year in standing at the time of application;

4. Must have obtained a general weighted average of at least "2.50" with no grade of "5.00" or unremoved "4.00" or "inc." in the semester immediately preceding the application;

5. Must not be a recipient of any scholarship grant;

6. Must be enrolled in at least 15 units at the time of the award of the grant;

7. Must be qualified to Full Discount (FD) under the University's Socialized Tuition System;

8. Must not have been held liable in any disciplinary action prior to admission.


>Monthly Stipend @ 4,000 x 5 months P20,000.00
>Book allowance per semester P5,000.00
Total------------------------------ P25,000.00 per semester


August 11, 2017