FMC Scholarship Program

**3rd Year BS Chemical Engineering
**1st Year Juris Doctor
**Year Level III Doctor of Medicine

1. Must be a Filipino citizen;
2. Must have obtained a general weighted average of at least "2.50" with no grade of "5.0", unremoved "4.0" or "inc." in the semester immediately preceding the application;
3. Must have carried a normal load in the semester immediately preceding the application;
4. Must have qualified for at least 80% Partial discount (PD) or Full Discount (FD) under the University's Socialized Tuition System (STS), parents' annual gross income do not exceed P350,000;
5. Must not be a recipient of any scholarship grant;
6. Must be enrolled in at least 15 units at the time of the award of the grant;
7. Must not have been held liable in any disciplinary action worse than a five-day class suspension;
8. Must be negative of any trace of prohibited and/or regulated drug.


School fees as assessed but not to exceed -----P20,000.00/semester
Book allowance-------------------------------- 5,000.00/semester
Monthly Stipend @ P7,000 x 5 months ---- 35,000.00/semester

Total -------- P60,000.00/semester/scholar (P120,000.00 per year)

Application form is available at OSA- UPM and OSSS, Room 302 Vinzonz Hall UP Diliman

Deadline of Application : August 18, 2017