UPAA-Tomas S. Fonacier, Delfin J. Jaranilla et.al., Scholarship for Cultural Minorities in the Philippines- Systemwide

1. An applicant for the grant must be a bona fide freshman student of the University of the Philippines;
2. must be enrolled in any four-or-five-year degree program and must carry a normal load of at least 15 units per semester;
3. must have qualified for admission; if already enrolled, must have a weighted average of at least "2.5" during the immediately preceding semester;
4. must be financially needy (parents' annual gross income must not exceed P200,000); must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action worse than a five day class suspension.

>>School fees as assessed up to P6,500/sem;
>>Book allowance of P1,000/sem;
>>Stipend of P1,500/mo.;
>>Transportation Allowance

DEADLINE : July 30, 2016