U.P Manila Election Calendar 2018

April 19,2018 Start filing of Certificate of Candidacy Candidates for the College Representative need to file in the Office of Student Affairs
April 20,2018 Presentation of the Election Guidelines by the University Electoral Board Old NEDA Conference Room, 6 p.m
April 26,2018 Deadline for Filing of Candidacy (5 p.m) UEB Deliveration, Release of Unofficial List of Candidates
April 27,2018 Submission of Disqualification cases (8:00 a.m-5:00 p.m) Deliberation of Protests, Release of Official List of Candidates
April 30,2018 Start of Campaign Period
May 7,2018 Tentative Start of College-wide Meeting De Avance
May 10,2018 End of Campaign Period
May 11,2018 General Election Day
May 12,2018 Special elections for graduating students of College of Medicine and College of Public Health Release of Final and Official Results of the Election, Proclamation of the Elected Student Council Officers AY 2018-2019
May 14-16,2018 Post Election Protests
May 17,2018 Deliberation of Protests
May 18,2018 Tentative Induction of Elected Student Council Officers AY 2018-2019
May 14-18,2018 Removal of all Campaign Materials