Socialized Tuition (ST) Appeals

Results of ST appeals will be posted on your ST account as soon as it was acted. Those who have pending ST appeals can avail the Student Loan to pay your school fees. Refund of school fees will be processed once the appeal was released for those who already paid their school fees.

ST Office will communicate with you through the cellphone / contact numbers you given in your ST online application regarding your appeal. Please update the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) if you have new celphone numbers/contact numbers.

2016 UP Manila Car Sticker

The 2015 UP Manila Car Sticker is now available at the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), 3rd Floor Student Center Building, Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila.

Wheelchair & Disabled Association of the Philippines, Inc. (WDAP) Scholarship Study Grant

Recipients must qualify for admission to the University and must be physically handicapped.

>>Actual interest earnings of the funds but the exceeding P5,000/semester

DEADLINE: July 30, 2016

UPAA-Tomas S. Fonacier, Delfin J. Jaranilla, Scholarship for Cultural Minorities in the Philippines- Systemwide

1. An applicant for the grant must be a bona fide freshman student of the University of the Philippines;
2. must be enrolled in any four-or-five-year degree program and must carry a normal load of at least 15 units per semester;
3. must have qualified for admission; if already enrolled, must have a weighted average of at least "2.5" during the immediately preceding semester;

UPAA of Wisconsin Scholarship- Systemwide


UPAA Hongkong Scholarship Grant - Systemwide


1. Must be a graduating student enrolled in any degree program in the University except the UP Open University;
2. Must not be a holder of any scholarship of financial grant;
3. Must be full-time student enrolled in at least 15 units at the time of the award of the grant;
4. Must be financially deserving;
5. Must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action;
5. Must be given priority to a dependent of Overseas Filipino Worker based in Hongkong at the time of application.

UPAA Singapore Scholarship - Systemwide


U.P. Presidential Scholarship Grant (1st Semester, 2016-2017)


1. Open to Undergraduate (except Freshman) in any Bachelor's Degree; must have a general weighted average of at least "1.75".
2. Graduate Filipino Students in any Graduate (Master's and Ph.D program); must have a general weighted average of at least "1.75".

Benefits: Free School Fees except Student Fund;

Undergraduate :
>>>Monthly stipend of P2,000.00;
>>>Book Allowance of P2,000.00/sem.

Socialized Tuition (ST) Online Application

The tuition discount application and appeal schedules for all undergraduates this AY 2016-20117 are as follows:

Tuition discount application

For UP Baguio, Diliman and Manila

13 - 19 June 2016
27 - 29 June 2016

For UP Cebu, Los Banos, Mindanao and Visayas

20 - 26 June 2016
30 June - 2 July 2016

Posting of results 4 July 2016

Filing of appeals 4 - 8 July 2016

Socialized Tuition (ST) System Application for Incoming First Year Students

Please take note of the schedule of login, tuition discount application, and submission of additional information/appeal for UPCAT 2015 Qualifiers.

Login and Tuifion Discount application - 27 April to 01 May 2016

Posting of Results - 02 May 2016

Submission of additional information / appeals - 02 to 06 May 2016

For more information, please visit


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