UP Alumni Quesada-Fulgado and Friends Scholarship Grant


1. A regular student, 3rd year minimum;
2. with cumulative grades of " 2.0";
3. no lower than "3.0" or "Incomplete" grades;
4. with minimum load semestral;
5. with PD80% and parents' annual income must not exceed to Php 250,000.00;
6. not subjected to any disciplinary action;
7. must be of good moral character.


>>Matriculation fees Php 6,000 maximum per semester
>>Book allowance 1,500.00 per semester
>>Stipends 15,000.00 per semester
>>Transportation and other fees 2,500.00 per semester
Total Php 25,000.00 per semester

Deadline of Submission of Application : December 6, 2017