Application for the Iskolar ng Bayan A.Y 2022-2023

The Timeline of Application, Screening, and Confirmation for 2022 is as follows: 

14 June 2022  UP Student Affairs Units will begin accepting applications
4 July 2022  The last day for INB applicants to submit requirements
5 to 13 July 2022  CU CSFA deliberation period
14 to 15 July 2022  Endorsement of INB grantees to OSDS for confirmation
18 to 20 July 2022  UCSA confirmation of endorsed INB grantees



In support of the objective of the INB Act to democratize access to higher education for deserving public high school graduates, UP will allocate five (5) percent of the number of first-year enrollees of the two previous years as slots for eligible INB applicants every year. 

As in the previous years, all INB grantees in AY 2022-2023 are entitled to free college education when they register in UP. Upon confirming their admission to the University, INB Grantees will enroll in the UP Campus in the region where their high schools are located. 


UP will accept applications from high school graduates who satisfy the following conditions: 

• Must be a Filipino citizen 

• Must have graduated from a Public High School in the Philippines within two (2) years before AY  2022-2023 

• Must provide a certification from their public high school, duly signed by the School Principal, that  the applicant belongs to the top ten graduating (Grade 12) class students. 

• Must be enrolling for the first time in college and has no credited previous college work • Must have obtained a rating (UPG) designated by the UP CU as the minimum for a student to  qualify for the UP campus where the student filed an INB application 


Eligible individuals must file a complete set of application requirements with the Student Affairs Units of the UP campus where they intend to enroll. The applicant must submit the following: 

• Duly accomplished UP INB Application Form 

• A certification from their public high school, duly signed by the School Principal, that the applicant belongs to the top ten graduating class students. 

• Notice from the UP Office of Admissions indicating the students' UPG1. 

1 Prior to AY 2021-2022, INB grantees were admitted to UP without taking the UPCAT. Grantees were determined after the  ranking based on High School Weighted Average. Beginning AY 2021-2022, INB applicants must have satisfied the minimum  requirements of the UP unit they intend to enroll in.


Applicants must submit all requirements on or before 4 July 2021 (Monday). Except for the UP Open University, UP campuses will only accept public high school graduates from Regions where a UP campus is located. 

For interested applicants kindly submit your documents at

For more information and inquiries kindly send an email to