UPM Organization Accreditation Application

ANUNSYO | Organization accreditation for university and college-based organizations in UP Manila for A.Y. 2023-2024 is now officially open.

The updated guidelines, requirements, and submission portal necessary for the accreditation of both university and college-based organizations will be available starting today, September 19. The accreditation committee will be accepting applications and requirements until October 3.

To see the the complete and updated organization accreditation guidelines, you may refer to the following link: bit.ly/UPM_OrgAccred_Guidelines2023

To access the required forms and submission forms, you may access them using the respective links below:

University Based Organizations:
Apply: bit.ly/UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

College of Pharmacy
Coordinate with your local council

College of Nursing
Apply: bit.ly/CN_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/CN_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

College of Dentistry
Apply: bit.ly/CD_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/CD_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

College of Allied Medical Professions
Apply: bit.ly/CAMP_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/CAMP_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

College of Public Health
Apply: bit.ly/CPH_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/CPH_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

College of Arts and Sciences
Apply: bit.ly/CAS_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/CAS_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

College of Medicine
Coordinate with your local council

School of Health Sciences Palo
Apply: bit.ly/SHSP_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/SHSP_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

School of Health Sciences Baler
Apply: bit.ly/SHSB_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/SHSB_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

School of Health Sciences Koronadal
Apply: bit.ly/SHSK_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/SHSK_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit

School of Health Sciences Tarlac
Apply: bit.ly/SHST_UPM_OrgAccred
Submit: bit.ly/SHST_UPM_OrgAccred_Submit