Applications submitted during the period 02 to 08 June 2014 and 23 to 24 June 2014, bracket assignments are posted already. If not, please go back to your application and complete all the data needed. Application should be submitted until 21 July 2014.

Students with DRAFT status beyond 21 July 2014 will be categorized as bracket A or NO DISCOUNT.


Students with DRAFT application status on STS should continue and submit their online application. Please submit your application within this period, 07 to 21 July 2014.

Application and Appeal Period in July

Please take note of the following application/appeal schedule in July 2014:

Upperclassmen and new students who are eligible to apply for tuition discount ----- July 7-21
Posting of results ----- July 22

Students who received their results on June 30 ------ July 1-21
Students who will receive their results on July 22 ------ July 23-31

For inquiries, please contact the STS Helpdesk. And visit for more information.

sts log in final schedule

The PROPOSED final schedule for the STS log is 07 to 21 July 2014 for all undergraduate students (first year, new students and upperclassmen) from all campuses. Please keep visit this site and for further announcement.

STS log in

Please be adviced that only UPPERCLASSMEN can log in on 23 and 24 June 2014.

First year students will be scheduled in July 2014. We will announce later the exact date.

Application and Appeal Period for Upperclassmen and Other Students

Please take note of the following application/appeal schedule in June and July 2014:

02 to 15 June 2014 - STS Appeal period for Freshies and New Students (April, May and June 2014 batch)

STS Application period for UP Manila, UP Visayas and UP Mindanao
02 to 08 June 2014
23 to 24 June 2014

Release of STS Application results of Upperclassmen
30 June 2014

STS for upperclassmen

Please be informed that all upperclassmen will use their UP mail account to apply for STS.

The UP mail account that your respective Office of the College Secretary/Student Records Officer distributed to students is the same username and password you will use for STS.

For those who have no UP mail yet, please see your respective Office of the College Secretary or Student Records Officer.

And for lost UP mail account, please coordinate with the Information Management Service of UP Manila for new UP mail account.

New Schedule for 2nd Batch of STS Applicants

New schedule will start on 12 May to 02 June 2014.
The change in schedule is needed to give way to server maintenance procedures to improve the overall system performance of STS Online. This is to better accommodate the 2nd batch of Freshmen Applicants and Upperclassmen before the start of AY 2014-2015.

MD Students Access to STS

New students of the College of Medicine (Med proper), who finished pre-med course in other school can get your PIN from OSA on June 2014. And for old students who lost their PIN, please indicate you credential, N/A under the PIN and lost PIN under remarks.

STS applications schedule

Below are the schedules for STS applications:
09 to 23 April 2014 - UPCAT 2013 qualifiers (1st Batch)
05 to 30 May 2014 - Other incoming freshmen and new students (2nd Batch)
June to July 2014 - Upperclassmen (STS Online applications for upperclassmen will be accepted in batches)

Application results for the 1st Batch and 2nd Batch will be released on 25 April 2014 and 02 June 2014, respectively. Results for Upperclassmen will be posted before the 1st week of August 2014.


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